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We understand that running your business office is another job in itself, so why not focus on your business trade and let someone else handle the paperwork? We know you didn’t open your business to work all week at what you are so great at just to stare at paperwork all weekend. At The Nair Group, we offer business accounting services to do just that.

By hiring an accounting company to handle your office you can focus on your specialty, regardless of the industry you are in. You can rest assured that your employees will be paid on time, that you are staying within budget, outstanding invoices are getting paid and leave the numerous headaches behind you.

We Make Your Money Count

The Nair Group offers a complete range of accounting services, including receivables, payables, and payroll management. We prepare financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for use by banks, investors, and other third parties. Our firm will also prepare custom financial reports for internal, managerial use.

We’ve created customized payroll services to allow you to pick and choose payroll services that best fit your needs. You will have the option to have your payroll checks prepared and printed, and directly deposited.

There are specific documentations required from government bureaus that we can provide for you at any time. Consider us your liaison with the necessary evils of payroll processing and government oversight. Our special payroll reports include unemployment claims, social security audits, workers compensation audits, W-2/W-3 processing and 1099/1096 processing, and more.


With all of the coming and going, it is hard to keep exact track of the numbers and keep it all profitable. Sometimes a business can bring in a lot of money but still barely make a profit because their accounting is not organized enough to see where they are falling short in the revenue to profit spectrum. To ensure that your business stays profitable, let us help you!


We also offer more in depth financial counseling should you want more help increasing your overall profit. The Nair Group also offers a free payroll analysis in order to maximize your business’s profits.

Operational Cost/Profits Analysis

Costs / Profits

If your business deals with inventory, we can help you organize and track the numbers so that you never loose sight of your bottom line. If you deal with inventory, we can help. Inventory we can help track can consist of the multitudes of packing materials and products for export, inventory sold in a shop, or the inventory needed to keep certain service businesses running (such as the shampoo, combs, etc. of a dog grooming shop).


It is important to have enough of any and all types of inventory for your business in order to function at the highest level of speed and profitability.

Tracking Inventory

Depending on how much income your business takes in will determine what forms and when you have to file taxes with the state and federal.


We can help negotiate all of the red tape for you so you can focus on your business, let us focus on the paperwork. Let us submit documents and handle deadlines, while you run your business.

Quarterly Filings

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