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Money Matters

Seamless Payroll Options


The Nair Group offers full-service secure solution for your payroll needs. Our payroll service calculates wages and pays your employees, all while staying compliant with payroll taxes, workers compensation and regulations. We help create a seamless payroll experience for you and your employees.

Managing your payroll and staying compliant has never been easier with our fully automated service. Eliminate the stress of employee payroll, independent contractor 1099 filings, quarterly and annual filings. The Nair Group is an affordable, full-service solution that reduces overhead, eliminates hassles and helps build your business.

We cater to all businesses, offering affordable options to match your individual needs. Small business’s may have difficult time navigating through payroll without proper knowledge of the laws and regulations of the IRS. By outsourcing your payroll services with The Nair Group of Lorton, Virginia, we can help cut costs and eliminate the stress of paying your employees and filing your taxes. We understand your time is valuable and better spent improving products, increasing sales and dealing with customers. Larger corporations rely on our company to keep them organized, on track with their finances and prepared for annual tax services.






It Saves You Money


By using our payroll services, you avoid the costs of paying in-house employees to handle expenses and process payroll. Hiring in-house payroll employees is much more costly requiring additional salaries. At The Nair Group, we have a team of staff who can have all the work done for you. By having us take care of your payroll, you’ll be able to allocate more time to running your business.


Full Payout Reports


Our specialized software can generate payroll reports to allow for easy access to any information needed. Using the proper payroll systems allows for all your information to be organized, safe and easily accessible. All of the reports include valuable information for you and your staff to keep track of timekeeping, annual reports and direct deposits. We also offer custom payroll reports, which can be created for your convenience


Stress Free Tax Filing


Although tax season can be a stressful time for most owners, our payroll tax services ease the process. By having us handle your filings the process will be much easier. Our expert staff are trained in calculating payroll and business taxes, making it one less task for you to worry about. Federal and state tax laws constantly change which can allow for many errors when filing. Instead of worrying about mistakes when filing, leave it to us we know what’s acceptable and how to properly file your companies payroll taxes.

Custom Payroll Services


We’ve created customized payroll services to allow you to pick and choose payroll services that best fit your needs. You will have the option to have your payroll checks prepared and printed, and directly deposited.

Our Payroll Services Include:

  • Direct deposit

  • Electronic tax filing

  • Printing and filing W-2 and 1099 forms

  • Filing quarterly and annual reports

  • Online timekeeping

  • Custom reports

  • We’ll make sure your payroll is handled efficiently and recorded properly.

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