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Accuracy & Reliability are Key


Audit and Attestation in the Greater Metro DC Area


No matter the size of your business or organization, it's important to make sure you're keeping proper records and your finances adhere to relevant account principles and laws. But keeping up with proper accounting and reporting practices takes time and resources, and even the effort is devoted to these area, you may not have the background needed to ensure that your business is truly compliant. Fortunately, that's where the Nair Group, LLC comes in. Our team of highly skilled auditors, accountants and compliance professionals can work with you through the audit process.  If your organization isn't ready for an audit, we can provide review or compilation services as well while you grow.

Taking Care of Business

We understand that auditing is a complex, time-consuming and challenging process. That's why we pledge to handle as much of the burden as we can to make the process as minimally invasive as we can.  We are able to achieve this through strong planning and thorough communication with executives and accounting personnel within your business or organization. We will conduct a thorough audit, aggregate the information and then present our findings in a clear and concise fashion.   this information will then be the foundation for you to improver your operations and results.  We always use discretion throughout the audit cycle to reduce interruptions to your daily business


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Audits reviews compilations:

Stockholders, creditors, and private investors often need assurance that the financial statements accurately represent the true financial position of a company.

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