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We can help everyone from individuals to business owners with tax preparation.  This includes sorting through all your tax documents, receipts, and forms to prepare a professional and reliable tax return.  It also includes helping those in Houston and the surrounding areas with any back taxes.  Whether filling out the short form or filing for multiple exemptions, we can help answer your questions, fill out forms correctly, and ensure the best tax return possible. 


Some of our tax preparation services include:

  • Preparation for people who are single, married, married and filing separately, seniors, retirees, and more.

  • There are millions of people across the country and thousands in Virginia who owe back taxes.  This often happens when an amount is due to the IRS and the individual or business can’t pay.  Our tax preparation can help you out with any back taxes you may owe and can include working with the IRS to set up a payment schedule.

  • Handling of itemized deductions such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, Home Mortgage Interest, charitable donations, income taxes already paid, real estate taxes, medical expenses, student loan interest, job hunting costs, mileage, and many more.

  • Tax preparation for business owners.  Did you know that taxes take on a whole new meaning when you are a business owner?  There are many items to consider when filing your business taxes, such as losses and gains, as well as sales tax issues.

  • Landlord taxes for those who have rented out a property.  We handle both income and losses from any rental properties for tax returns.

  • Are you a member of the U.S. Armed Forces or a veteran?  You may be eligible for many tax exemptions for items like combat pay, moving expenses, home sale, and more.

  • Have you received an audit notice from the IRS?  Contact a tax professional immediately.  Tax returns are often audited because information was entered incorrectly by the one who filed the taxes or in one of the tax forms sent to the IRS by a bank, employer, etc.  Audits can happen when the IRS believes exemptions or deductions are too high in relation to income.

  • Refiling taxes for those who paid too much.  Did you know that you have two to three years to refile a tax return if you didn’t claim all of your eligible deductions?  For example, the First Time Homebuyers Credit was extended to 2010, and many homebuyers failed to claim this credit.

We cater to all businesses, offering affordable options to match your individual needs. Small business’s may have difficult time navigating through tax preparation, without proper knowledge of the laws and regulations of the IRS. The Nair Group of Lorton, Virginia, we can help cut costs and eliminate the stress of  filing your taxes. We understand your time is valuable and better spent improving products, increasing sales and dealing with customers. Larger corporations rely on our company to keep them organized, on track with their finances and prepared for annual tax services.

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