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Why do I need a Accountant or Bookkeeper?

Correctly and efficiently managing your business finances ensures successful growth and longevity.

What's the difference between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper?

Both bookkeepers and accountants are on-hand to keep track of your company income. Bookkeeping involves daily record maintenance, including the payment and receipt of bulls, managing sales and receiving customer payments, as well as payroll processing. Accounting is essentially an extension of bookkeeping. Accountants review bookkeeping, complete reconciliation of banking and credit cards, complete payroll, sales and property tax returns and compile quarterly financial reports to summarize all collected data. Want to know more about bookkeepers vs. accountants? Check out our post that highlights the additional differences.

Isn't is cheaper to one of my employees do the work?

It’s not uncommon for potential clients to express their concerns over accounting or bookkeeping costs. What it comes down to is time and expertise. Balancing bookkeeping demands on top of the regular responsibilities of owning a business are incredibly time consuming. Understanding and managing tax law, employee classification and payroll procedures require training and experience. Don’t let a flawed accounting system be enough to seriously hurt or even bankrupt a company. Outsourcing your bookkeeping needs provides you with time to focus on business operations, and working with a qualified bookkeeping service guarantees pristine records and hassle-free tax seasons.

I have a Bookkeeping app - isn't that good enough?

While there are countless software programs available to be your own bookkeeper, these apps are very rigid in their capabilities. There are situations that do not simply fit inside a designated category, and in those cases you will need the guidance and expertise of a bookkeeping professional.

How long do I need an Accountant or Bookkeeper?

Bookkeeping and accounting are ongoing and integral parts of your business. Whether you are just starting a business or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the current state of your records, having a professional and designated bookkeeping professional on-hand to guide and advise you is imperative. Our goal is to provide you and your company with the tools you need to succeed.

I haven't kept my business and personal expenses separate - problem?

We’ve seen this more times than we can count; sometimes small business owners need to borrow from Peter to pay Paul or they have one designated pile of saved receipts. While we understand that sometimes the books can get away from you, in the end you could be setting yourself up for a sticky IRS situation come tax-season. Working with a professional to handle your books will ensure that all of your finances are in order, should you need to provide records for an audit, and will help you determine how to expense and save receipts for all of your daily business transactions.

What's the easiest way to get started with The Nair Group?

Your first step is to contact The Nair Group. Our team of educated and trustworthy professionals are ready to walk you through every step of the process to establish an efficient financial system with a maintenance plan built for durability. Once your customized system is created for your business,

The Nair Group staff will manage and provide detailed reports for your review.

Remember, simplifying and streamlining your business needs is our priority!  We are experienced in the finer points of client satisfaction and know how overwhelming running a business can be, and we are devoted to “holding your hand” and working together!


The Nair Group, LLC. can’t wait to hear from you, and we look forward to working with you and your company.

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